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VMware Remote Console

Last Updated: 10/15/2015

Last Tested: 10/15/2015

Installing VMRC

Using VMRC

You will now need to find your vms ID numbers and make note of them. Use the following steps to do this.

1. Open terminal and connect to the ESXI server that the vm/vms are on that you want to connect to. ssh root@xx.xx.xx.xx

2. Run the following command in ESXI vim-cmd /vmsvc/getallvms

3. Make note of the vm/vms ids in the output. sesipod.info_ssl_data_images_vmrcmac_vmr.jpg

Make connection to VM using VMRC

Official Starting Example: vmrc://@[HOST]:[PORT]/?moid=[VM-MOREF]

Change: [HOST] to ip address of the ESXI server that your vm/vms run on.

change: [port] to the port of the ESXI server the default here is 443.

Change: [VM-MOREF] to the vm id form above step 3.

Now enter that line into Safari browser with the Vmrc app open.

My Example: vmrc://@

The best browser to use is Safari (tested using safari 9.0 - OS X El Capitan )

Click on Show Certificate.

Click on Always Trust Check Box / Click on Continue

Enter Username and Password of you mac computer user account.

Enter Username and Password of ESXI Host.

Now you are connected to the vm!

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