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Backing up ESXI vm's using Debain 8.3 over SSH

Setting up ESXI Local LAN

Follow the below settings and just change the IP addresses if needed.

'' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''

Adding Debain vm to the switch

'' '' '' '' ''

Setting Static IPV4 Debain

Command= nano /etc/network/interfaces

Make sure to change ip to match the above fir steps if you changed the ip I used.

    auto eth0
    iface eth0 inet static

Creating Backup Script

Command= cd /home/“username”/

Command= mkdir esxi-backup

Command= nano backup.txt

My base raw file.

Guide to creating my script.

Example of my script.

Running The Backup Script

Command= apt-get install sshpass

Command= nano

Command= sshpass -p yourpasshere ssh -T usernamehere@esxiIPaddress < backup.txt

Command= chmod +x

Before the script will run you must make a connection to the server using ssh USER@IPADDRESS and accept to add ECDSA key fingerprint to the host.

Setting Up The Backup With crontab

Command= crontab -e

Press “1”

Add the bottom of the file add the following line. I set my backup to run ever 12 HRS.

Command= 0 */12 * * * /home/“username”/esxi-backup/

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